In addition to building our award-winning construction projects, we build people, relationships and careers!

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Our Culture is Healthy, Safe, & Engaged

At OHLA USA we seek to have our employees take care of their physical, mental, and emotional health. We offer a comprehensive benefits plan that contributes to optimal health and well-being. Our HR Team is always available to provide the tools, resources, and guidance to maintain and improve the health of our most valuable asset, our people.

Safety is what we practice and aspire to always. Our safety initiatives include appropriate training available to all employees and communicating and reinforcing our safety message on a national, regional, and project level. We encourage our employees to use their safety knowledge in their everyday lives.

We support employees in having an engaged community. By challenging our employees with a host of situations and scenarios in which they will work together as a team to resolve. It is important that we network within the company. Learning from colleagues’ experiences gives us a chance to understand each other's perspectives and journeys. We encourage the use of online meetings and social media to reach out, connect, and support one another. 

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Diversity & Inclusion

At OHLA USA, Inc., we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees, clients, and partners are respected and valued. We believe that diversity and inclusion are not only fundamental to our success but also essential to driving innovation, creativity, and collaboration in the construction industry.

Our company is dedicated to creating a work environment that celebrates the differences that make each of us who we are. We recognize that embracing diversity and inclusion strengthens our company culture, enriches our perspectives, and ultimately enhances our ability to deliver exceptional construction solutions.

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Employee Engagement

We understand that investing in employee engagement contributes to a positive organizational culture.  Engaged employees are satisfied, motivated, and above all…happy.  This furthers good health and emotional well-being and promotes stability throughout the organization leading to positive morale, high productivity and strong performance. 

OHLA USA provides an environment full of opportunities for enriched engagement through programs and events such as Employee of the Month, Bring Your Kids to Work Day, Women in Construction Week events, Potlucks, BBQs, Employee Appreciation Day,  and Construction Appreciation Week. We are also involved with numerous organizations that support our industry such as the Associated General Contractors of America, The Moles, The Beavers, General Contractors Association of New York, the New York Building Congress, and the Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association, just to name a few.

To further OHLA USA’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we provide our employees with time to dedicate toward volunteerism and we generously support organizations that contribute to sustainability, the homelessness, and cancer treatment and awareness.

To set the bar to new heights, we distribute surveys to gather ideas and gauge employee satisfaction. It is also critical to our growth strategy that our employees’ careers are on track for success. To monitor each employee’s performance, we have created a robust Employee Performance Management program. This carefully crafted program ensures that our employees work with their managers to set goals that will facilitate success in their roles, accomplish projects, and develop new skills, as well as lead to growth in our organization.

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Learning & Development

Investing in employee growth and advancement through Learning and Development programs can have a substantial positive impact on a company's success and sustainability. To that end, OHLA USA has an enriched platform of Learning and Development offerings, which include e-learning modules for soft and hard skills, mentorship programs, hands-on training, competency-based development, career path development, and a tuition reimbursement program for undergraduate, graduate degrees as well as continuing education.